Get ready to…”Switch On!” the Most Confident, Charismatic, Authentic and Influential YOU!

The way you express yourself in a business meeting, on stage as a speaker or in front of a camera can mean the difference between success and failure. If you’ve been holding back because of fear or a lack of confidence, it’s time to switch on!

I’m Steven Memel, Performance Master

I’d like to introduce you to The Science of Switching On. It is designed to help you find, not only your voice and confidence, but YOU!


The Science of Switching On Shows You How to Have More Presence, Impact and Influence!

Gain confidence and step up your game – energize and switch on your life!

Experience the freedom of expression you’ve always dreamed of and uncover what it really takes to meet your income – and personal – goals.


Earn Your  Clients’ Trust So They Remain Fanatically Loyal To You

I believe that far too many of you are underestimating yourselves and what is possible for you. Release your fear of expression, align your body, mind and emotions and get into flow with The Science of Switching On.

Whether you’re speaking in public, delivering teleclasses, producing videos or presenting at client meetings, show up more dynamically and get amazing results – unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.


You can benefit from what so many other of my clients have benefited from.
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